Soulful Sessions

Energize your curiosity and expand your awareness to drive personal evolution.
Soulful Sessions admin August 3, 2023
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Beginning in 2024

Ascension Wellness will offer engaging and dynamic virtual sessions focused on wellness and healing to support your transformative growth.

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We provide high quality and cost effective services
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Enhance your leadership skills, foster self-awareness, and drive organizational success through personalized guidance, improved communication, and more effective decision-making.
Leading with Purpose: Executive Coaching

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, exceptional leadership is critical to success. Our executive coaching is tailored to seasoned leaders like you, providing unparalleled support, insights, and strategies that accelerate your performance and capabilities. 3, 6, and 12-month engagement periods available.

What You Can Expect:

  • Elevated Leadership Effectiveness
  • Expanded Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilient Change Leadership
  • Strategic Vision Realization
  • Lasting Cultural Impact
  • Confidential Partnership
  • Individualized Coaching Experience

Limited space available. Reserve your free individual consultation session to begin your process and work with executive coach to review engagement options, coaching approach and the registration process.

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Through understanding the organizational needs and desired outcomes, Ascension Wellness is an expert in developing engaging and impactful experiences for any size group.
Corporate Wellness Experiences & Speaking Engagements

Interested in a customized wellness experience for your organization or internal teams?  Ascension Wellness develops experiences and sessions focused on mental health, wellness, and belonging. Our process concentrates on understanding organizational needs and desired outcomes, while providing consultation and recommendations for solutions with measurable results.  Whether you are looking for a fully customized program, a keynote speaker, a panelist, or workshop facilitator – Ascension Wellness has the expertise and program development background needed to provide your team members with a high-impact experience.

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Corporate Wellness Experiences

Customized programs for teams


  • Pricing Methodology: 8 Hour Experience = 10-15K
  • Includes the Program Build/Customization
  • Up to 25 People
  • Max 1 Per Month

What's Provided:

  • Interactive program with focused content, strategies, tools and engagement activities
  • Cost includes pre-program meetings (2-30Mins), content curation/development (8 hours)
  • Additional costs: materials as needed, travel and expense as needed
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We are expert in search engine and social media optimization
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