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About admin July 27, 2023
Ascension Wellness Collective: Where passion and purpose connect

Welcome, I am so glad you are here. At Ascension Wellness our purpose is to empower our members in their exploration of personal development. We provide programs and experiences that amplify and accelerate your healing and personal growth. Our focus is on holistic wellness and coaching that treats the whole human – both inside and out. We provide guidance and support to help you achieve your greatest aspirations with our carefully crafted resources, workshops, tools, and services. Explore our website and join our community of individuals like yourself- on a transformative journey to uncover greater purpose and fulfillment in their lives. We are here for you and wherever your path may lead.

Tanya M
Finding My Own Purpose

After 25 years of working in the corporate world as an organizational behavioral expert, it became very clear that without support and help on my path, it was easy to feel overwhelmed and like I was often failing in some area of my life. During this time,  I experienced a marriage, birth of two children, growing my career to become a senior leader, graduating with a bachelor’s degree and MBA, moving a family out of state (twice), healing from trauma, job loss, divorce, death of loved ones, evolving relationships, a pandemic, and many other of life’s events, that brought me to this point.

I embarked on my own personal healing journey to understand my scars and wounds and realized how small the space was to discuss what I was going through, how I felt, and how it impacted me at home and in my professional career. My adventure is far from over, but I found that having a community of people and guides who sought to understand me, embraced me, educated me, held me accountable, and celebrated my successes emboldened me to step into the life I was destined for.

In my career, of providing coaching and development for corporate executives and c-suite members, I saw first-hand how isolating the experience is and how difficult it is to integrate personal and professional needs. I also experienced how dismissive the professional environment can be in supporting associates with their mental health, healing process, and well-being. We are taught to check everything at the door, which only means we suppress our true selves and feel like we are living multiple lives (with limited success in any of them).

In my professional work and personal experience, I also saw the energy of authenticity, compassion, and self-worth in how we show up for ourselves and others. How powerful it could be and the overflow effect it had on all aspects of our lives. With this understanding, I set a path for myself and Ascension Wellness, to help people uncover the life they were meant to live – in a way that allowed them to fully embrace who they are.  This Collective exists to help people see the light and power they have, despite the shadows that live within us all. Creating Ascension Wellness was an opportunity to blend passion and purpose and I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with our members on their respective roads of healing and growth. 

A Little About Me

25 years professional experience in organizational effectiveness, leadership and people development, executive coaching, psychology, and human behavior

Led award-winning teams within both Fortune 500 organization and small founder-led companies across multiple industries

A woman who enjoys taking traveling adventures, quoting movies, being near the ocean, and keeping up with her two active young adults.

Former corporate executive and experienced senior leader

Certified Reiki Energy Healing practitioner

Healing crystals on brown background

We support you as you engage in self-reflection and introspection. Our services help you explore your deepest thoughts, emotions, and aspirations with courage and honesty. Let us provide guidance as you develop a more conscious and healthier state of mind.


We are your partner in uncovering strengths, personal centers of power, unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs and blind spots. With our carefully crafted programs and resources, you are empowered to build your path to fulfillment and contentment.


We recognize that everyone’s path is unique, and we are here to honor your personal progress and evolution. Let our expertise and personalized approach guide you towards practices and methods that amplify and sustain your healing and growth journey.

Experience soul-serving programs and practices that transform your life

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